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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Those Moxley Kids: Update #3 on my sister

Connie spent the last two days in Cincinnati having an MRI, a three hour ultrasound, and a fetal echocardiogram. Here's what she found out. First, All three babies are BOYS! Secondly, they believe she has a partial placenta previa which seems to be the cause of her bleeding, bleeding that has led her to the hospital three times in the last four weeks. Thirdly, the twin to twin transference syndrome has progressed to the point that the recipient twin is swimming in a lot of fluid. His sack is so full that it is very visibly pushing the other two babies to the side. This situation is causing both the donor twin and the recipient to be at a level 3 cardio stage (Level 4 suggests that death is imminent). The doctors would like to do the surgery but are unable at this time due to the positions of the babies. The hope is that they will shift in position so there is a better route to the area in the uterus that needs attention.

Going forward, Connie is on a high dose of a blood pressure medication that will help the recipient baby's heart condition. The medication comes with some uncomfortable side effects that hopefully Connie can handle. Connie will see her regular OB early next week for an ultrasound and then will head back to Cincinnati next Thursday. At that point, if the babies have moved, they'll proceed with the surgery. If the have not moved and their cardio stage has not worsened, they'll wait another week. If they have not moved and their cardio stage has worsened, they will proceed with the surgery but will have to get creative with how they get to the problematic area.

Again, if you feel compassion for this situation, please take a moment to ask the Lord to sustain the life of these three little guys and to give their mom and dad peace through this difficult process.

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