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Saturday, October 10, 2009


Way back when when I worked at American Funds, I had the privileged of working with my friend Lisa. Lisa was expecting a baby when I arrived in the San Antonio office. A year later, I was there when she saw her baby for the first time, in a picture sent via email all the way from China. I remember Lindy was standing next to a hand sculpture or something??? in the picture. Anyway, Lindy is four now, and Lisa asked me to take some pictures of her sans the weird hand sculpture.
Lindy is an explorer. We found a rolly polly, a walking stick, and some golden treasure during our little photo session. From the pictures, it's clear that she is a sweet, fun little girl.
Don and Lisa and Lindy are expecting again! Another little Asian beauty is on the way. I'm praying that the process continues to move forward and that your second little one comes to you soon.
Without further delay, here are those pictures I promised.

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