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Monday, March 9, 2009

No more standing on toilets!

On Saturday night while helping Julian brush his teeth, I discovered that he had chipped his front tooth. Yes, I know, he'll get a new one in about three years. Still, I was pretty upset to think that he'll have a chipped tooth for the next THREE years. We aren't sure how it happened, but we are suspecting he fell off of something...
Which leads me to my next story, which occurred on a separate occasion (make that 2 separate occasions). Julian was standing on the toilet on Sunday morning in our bathroom talking to me as I got ready for church. He fell and hit his chin on the sink which led to a mouthful of blood. We later discovered that he had bitten into his tongue on both sides. Then again tonight, he was brushing his teeth in the bathroom with D'arcy and came out screaming and once again had a mouthful of blood. The story goes that he was standing on the toilet to reach the sink, fell, and bit into his tongue again on either side leaving little gashes right behind the first set of healing gashes from Sunday. Sigh. So it has become clear to me that the toilet should not be used as a stepstool.
If you have ever had a two year old, you probably are familiar with their eagerness to climb. D'arcy and Julian are notorious for pulling a chair over to reach what they need in the kitchen. Heck, I still have to pull a chair over to reach what I need in the kitchen so I shouldn't be surprised that they think it is perfectly acceptable. Now, I'm just going to be paranoid that they are going to fall over and knock out all of those little teeth.

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