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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I'm calling it...

Julian is officially potty trained during the day (including naptime!). I'm still stunned when I think back to the end of February when I made the decision to put Julian in underwear all day, every day, regardless of where we were going, for one week. By Tuesday of that week, after he hid behind a stack of electronics at Radio Shack and peed his pants, I was ready to take a break. I stuck with my weeklong commitment, though, and by Friday I was feeling encouraged.
Everyone says that boys are more difficult to potty train, but that hasn't been my experience. I felt like we went through the same "phases" with Julian as we did with D'arcy. The only difficulty I have encountered is teaching Julian to put his pants back on after the fact. At first, we just taught him to pull down his pants and sit normally, but pee always seems to escape from the crack between the seat and the toilet which gets the back of his pants and floor wet. So we have taught him to take his pants all the way off and sit on the toilet facing backwards. This allows him to keep all his pee in the toilet, but then he neglects to put his pants back on and proceeds to run around naked. We are always having to ask him, "julian, where are your pants? go get them!"
I'm thrilled that I will only be changing one person's diapers instead of two. Now if that new baby would ever come out..

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