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Monday, August 25, 2008

D'arcy is 4!

D'arcy is turning 4 today. We don't have any big parties planned, just a simple family celebration complete with cake and presents sent from far and near. D'arcy got to skip her nap today to help me make her cake. She is excellent at cracking eggs. We also took some time to take some four year old pictures. She got to open one of her presents early so she could wear one of her new dresses in the picture. We curled her hair, and she asked that I only make four curls to represent how many years she was. So I divided her hair into four parts and did four curls : ). I'm always taken back by how pretty our little girl is, and how blonde she is. Well, she says it's white... I never would have guessed. I'm wondering if she will be our only white haired baby, or if this new little one will get that gene too. Anyway, here are a few of the pictures, and the rest are in our 2008 photo album at Enjoy!




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  1. WOW!!!WOW!!! Grammy and Poppy think these 4 year old pictures are the best yet!!!! Mommy is a great photographer and D'arcy is just cute as she can be!!! Happy Birthday D'arcy have a great day at school tomorrow. Be sure Daddy checks your ears!!! ( :

  2. Very cute the lighting! Happy Belated Birthday to Miss D'arcy.
    There's another similarity between us Melissa. My Elijah was due on the 25th of August and was born at 2:12 the next morning. Our kids almost had the same birthday...