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Friday, August 29, 2008

Baby #3 has a heartbeat!

On Thursday, we went to our first prenatal appointment. We found a great midwife who delivered Julian two years ago who we are using again for this baby's birth. Since Julian's birth, she has opened up a new birth center in the middle of the San Antonio Medical center (aka across the street from five hospitals all grouped together). I'm excited about delivering there. Check out their site You can take a tour of the facility via pictures that I took! We are also blessed that our insurance will pay the full bill. Last time we payed completely out of pocket.

Anyway, we took the whole family to the appointment so they could see what the birth center was and hear the baby's heartbeat. D'arcy has been asking loads of questions about how and where the baby will be born so this trip helped answer some of those questions.

The baby's heartbeat sounded strong, and both D'arcy and Julian were pretty amazed. Julian's reaction was, "Sound. Baby. Har Beat?."

Once again, my uterus is measuring big. She said it felt like I was more like 15 weeks instead of 11. This happened last time. When we went to get our ultrasound with Julian the first question we asked was, "Are there two?" so I wasn't surprised when I was measuring big again. The conclusion we've come to is that the way they measure is based on an average woman's body, and at 4'10'' I'm certainly not average.

So for those of you who are interested, here is a sneak peak into our name choices. For a girl it would be, again, Teresa Margaret Lucy Williams (Maggie Lu for short). and for a boy, everyone take a deep breath, it will probably be, Duren Schroeder Vonnegut Williams (Schroeder). We are still debating the boys name as I would like to use Emmett (after Stephen's dad) as a name before I use Duran (Stephen's maternal grandfather), but Duran goes so well with Schroeder, don't you think : ) ? No, we are not doing drugs, and yes, someone can buy him a little piano.


  1. I was wondering why you never put the name you are going to actually call your children first? I go by the nick name of my middle name and I hate it. I wished my mom would've just named me Nikki - it would've made my life especially important stuff easier. Isn't Duren Josh's middle name? I like Emmett better.

  2. We wanted to name D'arcy after Stephen's mom, Jacquelyn Dianne, so we just decided to use family first names for all of our kids. I'm sorry that you hate having to go by your middle name. I hope that our kids will appreciate that their parents put a lot of thought into their names, and that their names reflect where they came from. I wanted to do more than give my kids a name that I like and then stick a middle name that sounds good after it. I hope that the name is more important to them than the hassle of having of going by their middle name.