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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Hey Jude

The kids and I occasionally break out our Beatles' record, and the kids ask specifically for the song "Hey Jude". They go wild when it comes on. They run around the room dancing and singing. It's so cute to hear Julian sing, "na na na, hey juwd".
Julian has lots of nicknames, JuJu, JuJu Bean (or Grammy's version "the bean") and Jude. If you didn't know, Hey Jude was supposedly written for Julian Lennon which is why we occasionally call Julian Jude. Our position is that a kid can't have too many names : )...Edward Julian Theodore Williams agrees.
Jude is thus far the only name he has called himself. Whenever he sees a picture of himself, he points and says either "Baby" or "D'arcy" and we'll point and tell him it's Jude. So whenever I hear him sing Hey Jude, I catch myself imagining us dancing to this song at his wedding, and I get all emotional picturing my sweet little boy all grown up.

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