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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Fear Conquered by Faith

Leave our neighborhood, turn a corner, go up a hill, and there is Sea World. Because of its close proximity, we have bought season passes for the last two years. D'arcy loves SeaWorld, but there is one attraction that she has always feared. In Shamu's Happy Harbor (a little area just for kids), there is a huge two-story rope net that leads you to a fun slide and tubes that hang above the whole area and lead to a pirate ship. Both the net and the tubes are made of interwoven fabric which means you can see the ground through the holes.
D'arcy decides to try the net pretty much every time we go, but about half way up, she freaks out and wants us to come help her down. She doesn't mind climbing to high places, but she doesn't like climbing on something you can see through especially when the ground is so far away.
Today, D'arcy asked again to climb the net. I was expecting the same scared reaction, but D'arcy surprised me today. She climbed slowly. When she got a little flustered, she took a break, but ultimately she got to the top. We went down the slide, and then she turned around to do it again. When she reached the top, she decided she was ready to conquer the tubes. About a half a mile of tubes later (and some majorly sore knees on my part), we all made it to the pirate ship. She was really proud of herself.
Tonight when she saw daddy, she proclaimed, "Daddy, I used all my faith to climb the nets."
Daddy replied, "You mean your courage?"
"No, my FAITH."

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