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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The storyteller

Last night, as we were driving home in the car, D'arcy asked if she could tell us a story. She tells stories frequently. Many times, they are jumbled, but this one was told with great clarity and was actually pretty entertaining. So here it goes from memory...

A man was making pancakes for lunch one day. He needed to turn the pancake so he flipped it up in the air and it landed in the pan. He flipped it again, and it turned and turned and turned and landed on the floor. The man went to pick it up, but the pancake ran away. It ran out the door. It ran and ran and ran.

After awhile, it came to a cow. The pancake said, "Good morning."

The cow said, "Moooooo."

The pancake said, "I'm off to see the world!"

The pancake left and then came across a pig. The pancake said, "Good morning."

The pig said, "Huh, I can't hear you."

"I SAID Good Morning!"

"I can't hear you."

The pancake went to the pig's other side and said "Good Morning!"

"Oh, good morning," said the pig.

That's all I'm remembering, and, yeah, she needs to work on her ending, but I thought, for a three year old, that it was pretty good.

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