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Friday, February 29, 2008


Julian is communicating more and more every day. He is at the stage where his knowledge of what I'm saying and what is going on around him continually surprises me. It's that point where his language skills haven't quite caught up with his cognitive skills. This doesn't last for long, at least for D'arcy it didn't. Her ability to communicate soon surpassed her ability to do and think.
So even though he can't say "trash" yet, he knows what the trash is, and can put things in there, even though he can't say "milk", he sure knows where his milk cups are located and where the milk comes from. It's amazing and it's delightful every day to see what he has figured out.
He is so smart, that he now knows how to pretend that he doesn't know how to do something in order to continue doing what he wants to do. For example,
I say, "Julian come her?"
Julian is playing with something across the way.
Julian says, "Huh?" and continues to play.
This means, "Mom I didn't quite hear what you said. Can you say it again while I continue to play?"
I say again, "Julian, you heard me. Now, come hear."
Julian says, "Huh?" and gives me that look that conveys, no really I didn't hear you.

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  1. We moved to Virginia in 2003. It was a really big decision because my husband is the first one even in his extended family to move out of state. There was a bunch of reasons. My family, who we're really close to moved out a couple of years before. They had found an awesome church that we fell in love with through books and sermons on cd...this was probably our biggest reason. Also, we (especially me) didn't like the area we were living in and wanted to raise our children somewhere else. We love the area we live in now (about 15 miles outside of D.C.). It was something we felt God leading us to do, and we've been so grateful for it ever since.
    Some friends of ours moved to Oregon this past year and they love it. My daughter and I are going out to visit them in April and I'm excited because I've never been to Oregon.
    How fun that you get to see Shannon and Sean...I love them. I haven't seen them for over 4 years...
    As far as the actions, I own Essential Color Pop, Essential BW, Vitage Actions & Textures, Urban Actions & Textures, and the Workflow Set. My favorite are the Vintage Actions & Texture, Essential Color Pop, and Essential BW. It makes my processing so much easier.
    Anyway, it's been fun to chat with you! Have a great day!