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Monday, April 27, 2015

We are hitting the road in June.

When I sat down in January to write about what's ahead in 2015, all I really wanted to write about was the road trip we are planning in June. I've been hatching this plan for years and waiting for the right moment. This year, I'm not pregnant and I'm not nursing a baby.  Now, we are really a family of elementary aged kids with a piggy tailed toddler who tags along. The key is that most of my kids will remember this ride and we can dare to venture out without a pack n play or stroller.
We are going to see all the middle bits of America, from the Mississippi River to California and back...Mt. Rushmore, the Oregon Trail, the Great Salt Lake, the Hoover Dam, the Grand Canyon, and Route 66. The road is our destination. Our kids will be squashed together in our car for so long seeing America for the first time through the same windshield. They will never be able to deny they are siblings.
I'm going to be living out all of my homeschooling fantasies. We'll have road trip passports. We'll have glass bottles to collect flowers or rocks that we can then draw in journals with our travel water color set. We'll be listening to books on tape. I'm also dreaming of making a stop motion movie of the road as a family. Then, weeks after we return, I will send them back to their school and recover.
Everytime I see one of our destinations on TV, I do a little happy dance. I'm so, so excited, and I'm forcing Stephen to be excited too. I love that this isn't just us showing our kids our country, but Stephen and I seeing all these places for the first time ourselves.

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