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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

#thosewilliamskids #siblingtime

We banish our kids to the second floor as soon as dinner is over.  Years ago, we asked them to get ready for bed, grab a book, and spend some time reading in bed before lights out.  Sometimes that happened, but that hour before bed morphed into what I call sibling time.  It wasn't something I crafted or suggested, it just evolved.  They play games, read books together, color, play school, the sky's the limit.
People have gotten hurt during sibling time, both intentionally and unintentionally.  Schroeder came down the other day and reported the following, "We were having a contest on who stays up while we are spinning.  And I won.  And I saw Maggie fall down.  And then I saw some red stuff and then I saw some more red stuff running down."
Sibling time can be kind of loud.  If you have been our guest between 7:30-8:30, you can atest to the amount of sound coming from upstairs.
This is why we had five kids, though.  This pack of wild humans who talk and play and fight and dance and laugh and grow together.
Tonight they made a Pokemon spaceship out of a ridiculously large Amazon box.  I think a ton of toilet paper came in it because we buy toilet paper by the ton now.

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