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Friday, February 13, 2015

Kids say the darndest things....

It's been awhile since I've posted funny kid quotes.  I've been storing a few up.

D'arcy typically sings in our church's Christmas cantata.  This year all the kids were going to be singing together, but D'arcy was eager for a solo.  She thought long and hard about what she should sing and came to me wth her decision.

"Mom, I decided I'm going to sing Santa Baby at the cantata."  She handed me the lyrics she printed from the internet.

It's February, and I'm still giggling at the idea of my ten year old singing Santa Baby after Silent Night and before Amazing Grace.

She also randomly asked, "Mom, what is the third Christmas color?  I know there is red and green, but isn't there a third?"  I told her that I wasn't aware of a third.  "Oh, yeah, I guess not.  But I think we should add yellow or purple as a third Christmas color.  That would be nice."

I shared this one on Facebook.  D'arcy asked who was singing a song.  I told her it was Ben Folds.  She asked if he went to our church.   I said no.

I love that D'arcy is still a kid and the she still says some of the darndest things.

We were listening to the National Anthem on some sporting event and Schroeder and Maggie ran down the stairs and asked, "Are you listening to George Washington music?!"

Maggie has lots of four year old observations to share.  For example, when Jesus' name came up one day, she said, "I really know there is power in Jesus' blood."

After the superbowl, Maggie asked me, "Is Katy Perry a real person?  Because we don't ever see her in person.  I guess that means Justin Beaver is a real person too.  D'arcy doesn't like his songs.  He's too cocky.  He sings too cocky."  In light of his recent Calvin Klein ads, this observation makes me totally crack up.

Her list of adjectives is growing.  That's one of the beautiful things about kids.  The simple addition and use of a new word makes you smile.  Maggie was writing her Valentine cards and wanted to draw a heart on Annie's.  I told her to do the best she could.  After making a pretty good attempt she looked up at me and said with a squished up face, "Grrrrr, it looks a little clumsy, Mom.  All my hearts look clumsy."

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