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Monday, June 16, 2014

Those Moxley Kids

My nieces turn three today.  
Oh, and did I mention that they are going to be big sisters?  
That story goes like this.  Connie, my sister, had a baby, my nephew Gabriel, in 2004.  Despite trying to have more, Connie didn't get pregnant.  In 2009, after other infertility interventions,  she decided to go through In Vitro, and became pregnant with triplets.  The doctor put two embryos in and one split.  Crazy.  Things got complicated when the identical twins shared a placenta and weren't sharing well.  Nathaniel, Roanin, and Kade were born in March 2010 too early to survive.  She went through In Vitro again in November 2010 and became pregnant with twins.  Eowyn and Tessa were born in June 2011. Connie was committed to implanting all the extra fertilized eggs that had been frozen from her two fresh in vitro cycles.  Plus, she had always hoped for a family of four or five kids.  All told, she went through three frozen invitro transfers, but no pregnancy resulted.  Connie met with her infertility doctor this spring and had set a June date for another fresh invitro cycle.  In April, she took an obligatory pregnancy test before she began taking the preparatory medication.  And, after ten years of trying, she surprisingly discovered that she was pregnant.  What?  
It took awhile for it to all seem real, but baby is fifteen weeks along now.  This is exciting!  
So Happy Birthday Eowyn and Tessa and congrats to the Moxley's on their new baby due in December!

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