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Monday, August 12, 2013

She's reasonable.

This is the adjective I came up with to describe Penelope the baby.  It occurred to me the day after we took our canoe trip.  Maggie and Penelope stayed with my mom for the day.  Penelope had, probably, three bottles while she was there.  Which took her total bottle intake to maybe seven in her lifetime.  Seven over two months time.  
Well, the day after, Penelope decided that she preferred the bottle to nursing.  She was content that day until I tried to nurse her.  Then she would pull her head back and scream at me.  I put a pacifier in her mouth and she was content again.  This girl did NOT seem ill. She was just being totally unreasonable...a lot like her older brothers and sisters.  
This situation reminded me of her first thirty minutes of life.  She pretty much screamed the whole time and could not be satisfied.  I finally got her to settle down after a half an hour and until the nursing fiasco at the two month mark she was remarkably....REASONABLE.  
She has great expectations about how often she should be held, sleep, and eat.  She tells me fairly nicely what she wants and then when I deliver she's cool.  When you live with a daughter who is on the cusp of being three, reason is highly appreciated.  
We worked through the problem which equated to me saying, "No, you may not switch to a bottle" and after 5-6 fairly resistant feedings she got the point and returned to her normal reasonable self.   
I'm so loving watching her grow.  She is cooing, grabbing hair and blankets, kicking toys, and straining to pull her head off the ground.  We are slowly turning super flexible infant days (where she cat naps all day wherever I am) into the beginnings of a daily schedule (she is still taking naps downstairs, though, in her little bassinet in the living room).  I'm also so sad to see her itty bittinessfade away.  She's the last tiny baby that will be mine.  

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