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Friday, February 13, 2009

Grammy & Poppy's visit

Grammy & Poppy visited Texas in January. It turned out to be the coldest week of the year up north so it was a great week to visit San Antonio. Dianne, Emmett, and I worked together to get all of the baby clothes down from the attic, washed, and ready for Baby Sprocket's arrival. The clothes are sorted into neutral, girl, and boy clothes. We bought some new drawers for the clothes to go into, but they weren't big enough to put everything. I was tempted to fill the drawers up with girly clothes (because I have my fingers crossed for a girl), but decided that wouldn't be fair to baby if he is a boy. So there is an equal amount of boys and girls clothes in the drawers, and the rest are in a box on top. My silly mind games : ).
D'arcy and Julian enjoyed spending time at Grammy & Poppy's vacation house downtown. We have a rule in our house...we only jump on hotel beds so they always get excited to stay in a hotel. Besides bed jumping, they spent quite a few moments of the week dressed up in their new star wars gear.

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  1. That's a wonderful rule- the only jumping on hotel beds :)