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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Sprocket's Progress

Some of you have asked whether I'm showing or not so I thought I would let you be the judge. I've never done the "pregnancy progress" pictures in the past. I think maybe I was too busy with work or in D'arcy's case, didn't have the convenience of a digitial camera. However, I have been so preoccupied this pregnancy with how long it's taking me to show because I feel like I was enormous so quickly with Julian. I thought I would document my progress so I won't be so worried with the next one. Anyway, I'm 18 weeks and 2 days in this picture. I'm still able to fit into most of my regular clothes, although, I did get down all my maternity clothes so I can be prepared for the inevitable growth spurt that should happen over the next month.
I have another prenatal appointment on Thursday, and I'll probably be scheduling a sonogram for mid-November. I'm not in the biggest hurry since we are not going to find out the sex. We still want to make sure that Baby Sprocket is doing alright, though. Yes, I said Baby Sprockett. It's a nickname till this baby has a permanent one. Julian loves it and will randomly mention "Baby Sprockett!" D'arcy hates it, and gets very angry when it is used. She insists that it is not a sprockett, but a baby with arms and legs and we shouldn't call it anything until we know what sex it is.
You can also see in the picture one of two new paint colors that we used in our house, Spicy Cayenne.
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  1. Oh man I love the nick-name "baby sprocket"!! AND it is too cute that Julian loves it and D'arcy hates it. I would just love to hear her explain that the baby has arms and legs and such! I'm glad baby sprocket is doing well so far. :)