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Friday, August 26, 2011

The Gustitus Clan

I've been working hard on staying true to myself when I take photos. I am a candid portrait photographer. That's what I love. That's what makes me smile. But when you take a really large group photo, how can you get candid, sweet photos? I'm not sure I can convince clients to put this one in a frame :P.

Beth had contacted me a couple of weeks ago about doing this session for her mother's birthday. It's hard to come up with a day that works for so many people. They had come up with the 25th. That's D'arcy's birthday, and I had to dust off the word no and use it. So the came back with the 22nd. I put them on the calendar. Then I found out I was going to Ethiopia and would be back on the 21st so this session was waiting for me when I got off the plane.
I've known the Gustitus family long enough to forget that they were actually friends of my husbands long before they were friends of mine. I remember years ago when I was at Paul and Sue's house and they had a chair that held a children's book and stuffed animal. I asked Jon what it was for since they didn't have any grandkids. He mentioned that it was there in the hope that some grandkids would show up one day. And they did...nine of them in six years!
The seven grandkids in the middle are all girls so there were lots of pretty dresses!
The picture above I'm really proud of because it is candid. All I did was tell the kids to give their grandparents a big hug. And, yet, amazingly everyone can be seen and seems to be pretty happy and in the moment. Ok, the babies aren't as happy, but they're still pretty cute.

Ok, everyone, talk amongst yourselves.
The older kids enjoyed a rousing game of duck, duck, goose.

And the little ones enjoyed some blanket time.

All of this is the result of two people falling in love. One day, I'll get to see my family sprawl from six to nineteen. I'm not ready for that quite yet, but someday.

Then there were brownies in honor of grandmas birthday. They made one for me, too :).

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